Website content management, copywriting and editing

Bespoke website design and build


plus sign Content management

  • Content management systems (CMS), including Drupal, Wordpress and custom built.
  • HTML and CSS - can troubleshoot CMS issues or work directly on the code.
  • New pages and preparation and upload of new copy and images.
  • Content reorganisation for an improved user journey.
  • Site migration.
  • Website reviews including:
    link checking; ensuring consistency in layout and content, style and branding; accessibility, ensuring that all users have equal access to the site’s information and functionality; improving search engine ranking (SEO).
  • Bilingual in English/French.

plus sign Editing

  • Edit copy originating from different sources, producing consistent style and quality for your target audience.
  • Proof-read and advise on best presentation of your copy.
  • Identify areas of your site where the copy can be improved.

plus sign Writing, research and content preparation

Clear, concise and visually uncluttered copy is key to an engaging website.

  • Produce web and search engine-friendly copy in plain English.
  • Repurpose offline content for use online.
  • Produce new content from scratch. Provide background research. Compile and produce content in the site’s style and format.
  • Expertise in the humanitarian not-for-profit sector, particularly on issues of environment, developement, human rights and health.

plus sign Bespoke web design and build

Produce websites - from design to completion including:
  • conceiving and creating bespoke designs
  • structuring and preparing content for web use
  • image preparation and sourcing
  • hosting and domain names
  • uploading websites and providing full user-testing
  • comprehensive post-build site maintenance

Websites are built to W3C and Accessibility standards
  • plus sign Web content management
  • plus sign Web writing and editing
  • plus sign Website design and build
  • plus sign CMS
  • plus sign HTML / CSS
  • plus sign Dreamweaver
  • plus sign Photoshop

Based in London and also available for remote work

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